Outreach Activities

Evangelistic Outreach Programs

St. John’s Church actively engages in evangelistic outreach, aiming to share the gospel’s good news and fulfill the message of John 3:16. Financial support for outreach is garnered through designated offertory, monthly offertory covers, annual harvest festivals, and Women’s Fellowship mini-sales. Meetings, held on Sundays in the Rev. J. J. Pratt Memorial Hall between the first and second services, focus on Bible study, practical Christianity, and reinforcing Christian values instilled during their formative years. Guided by older members and the Pastorate Committee, the youth actively engage in various church activities, including different forms of praise and worship, special services, carol rounds, harvest festival sales, and Christmas church decorations. During the Christmas season, the Youth Fellowship extends their care to the community through carol rounds, visiting the elderly and the sick who may be unable to attend regular church services. More than just a group, the St. John’s Youth Fellowship is a dynamic and inclusive community dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, fellowship, and active involvement in the church’s mission.


Jawadhi Hills, Tiruvannamalai District (1968)

St. John's Church initiated outreach in Nadanur, Jawadhi Hills.

  1. Initiated outreach in Nadanur, Jawadhi Hills, supporting the National Missionary Society of India (NMSI).
  2. Monthly visits include worship services, medical camps, and house visits.
  3. Constructed buildings & facilities for worship, health care, and residence to foster community growth.
  4. Continues to support missionary families and ongoing ministry.

Andhra Pradesh: Bangarupalayam Pastorate (1979)

  1. Supports  the ministry in Ragimanupenta, contributing to salaries and church buildings.

  2. Expanded to six villages under the Bangarupalayam Project, providing financial assistance for church development and community growth.

Vandranthangal Gypsy Colony (2001):

St. John's Church initiated outreach in Nadanur, Jawadhi Hills.

  1.  Initiated Christian ministry for a gypsy community near Katpadi.
  2. Supports an evangelist working with the community.
  3. Built  houses for the community in 2023

Calcutta Medical Mission (1977):

  1.  Launched to assist Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, providing medical services for nearly 10 years.
  2. Sustained for a decade with financial support from St. John’s Church.