Fellowship Groups of St. John's Church

Women's Fellowship

Since its establishment on September 26, 1953, the Women’s Fellowship of St. John’s Church has served as a steadfast beacon of faith, community, and service. The Fellowship offers a crucial platform for the women of the church to convene monthly, engaging in enriching Bible study and fellowship. These gatherings not only foster spiritual growth but also provide a source of support and encouragement.

The Women’s Fellowship extends its outreach through various initiatives, including monthly visits to underprivileged villages, the management of ‘Hope Centre,’ a nursery school in Kasba, and the organization of retreats for the spiritual enrichment of its members. Actively involved in evangelistic outreach, special worship services, and an annual retreat featuring devotional meditations, the Fellowship demonstrates its commitment to community service through ‘mini-sales’ held on church premises, contributing funds to support projects.

The history of the Women’s Fellowship is marked by impactful initiatives, including visits to the Female Jail to share messages of hope and the publication of the cookery book ‘Fun in Food’ in 1992 and 2000. This book, a collection of recipes, information, and helpful hints contributed by members, stands as a testament to the Fellowship’s dedication. Looking back on its journey, the Women’s Fellowship remains unwavering in its commitment to faith, community, and compassionate service to those in need.

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