St. John's Church

St. John's Church, Vellore:
A Legacy of 175 Years

In 2021, St. John’s Church celebrated its 175th anniversary within the historic Vellore Fort. However, the roots of this venerable institution trace back even further. Long before the construction of the church, a devoted Christian community gathered within the Vellore Fort for nearly a century. Originating with officers and soldiers of the British East India Company, this assembly evolved into the present-day congregation of St. John’s Church.

The narrative unfolds in three parts: I. The Vellore Town, II. The Temple and Fort, and III. St. John’s Church, Vellore Fort. It delves into the town’s origin and its transformation into a pivotal historical landmark. Vellore’s role as an administrative hub under various dynasties attracted a diverse populace, establishing it as a cosmopolitan city.
Authored by Rev. Dr. Eugene Ten Brink, the historical account draws extensively from reliable sources, shedding light on Vellore’s past and the inception of St. John’s Church. Additional information from reputable websites further enriches the narrative.

St. John’s Church, as the sole English Congregation of the Church of South India in the Diocese of Vellore, welcomes Christians from across India and the globe. The church has played a crucial role in catering to the spiritual needs of those arriving in Vellore, including professionals and students associated with institutions like the Christian Medical College and Hospital.

The cosmopolitan nature of Vellore has been accentuated by the presence of the American Arcot Mission, Voorhees School and College, and the Christian Medical College. St. John’s Church, with its ecumenical ethos, provides a unifying place of worship for individuals from diverse denominational backgrounds. As we commemorate 175 years, St. John’s Church remains a beacon of faith, embracing a rich heritage and fostering unity in diversity.