Pillars of Faith : Celebrating over 255 Years of Christian Heritage and 175 Years of Church Ministry

St. John's Church, Fort, Vellore.

A sanctuary where history and faith converge

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Welcome to St.John’s Church: A Living Testament to Heritage and Faith.

Situated in the heart of Vellore and widely known as the Fort Church in local circles, St. John’s Church proudly stands as a timeless sanctuary.  Our journey dates back to 1761 when the East India Company’s troops first landed in Vellore Fort, marking the inception of a thriving Christian congregation.

In 1766, the maiden visit of an Anglican pastor from the Madras Presidency marked the genesis of a spiritual pursuit that has withstood the tests of time. From humble beginnings in tents, houses, and a school-cum-chapel, our services gained traction, culminating in the construction of a chapel in 1972.

The present church came into being in 1846, now standing as the oldest church in Vellore. We continue to preserve the legacy of unwavering faith, glorious heritage, and a community bound by the spirit of unity. Read More …

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